What will be the future of education?



In our theme finale discussion centred around the Future of Education, what will be the future of Education in the near, mid, and long-term?

A Huge thank you for those of you who took part and remember even though we will move to a new theme next week, you are more than welcome to continue discussing this compelling subject. Following this discussion, we will open the category for you to continue posting threads surrounding this subject.

So to go back to the theme question, given AI-assisted elearning, Adaptive learning platforms, virtual and augmented reality just what exactly do you think the future of education is?

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UN siloed or unsiloed?


I am unsure exactly what you mean by that Joe,

The question is focused on the near, mid and long terms, so what do you think will happen as a progression forward from here to the education system?

I wonder if we will in the long term just have some form of technology that allows us to absorb information in a similar way to the Matrix.


I think the question of who we teach what rather than how is more pressing. A finger in the sand is OKā€¦


In this case who decides that though Joe? Shouldnā€™t all information be free to all who would take the effort to learn?


All informationā€¦ Mmm. A noble sentiment. How about we teach meaning?


I agree wholeheartedly that we should teach critical and lateral thinking skills. Having the ability to take ones learning and apply it to something else is going to prove absolutely key in the coming years.


Iā€™d say personal teaching advice, material and study path for every student on the planet. All knowledge / information is free or almost free provided by AI agents/frameworks. Supplemented by wisdom, guidance and human touch by human educators.
Something along the lines of ā€˜Personal Open Education for Massesā€™ on steroids:


The massesā€¦ Mmm. You mean everyone? We canā€™t even organize a roll call yet. We have no roll. A census first perhaps.


Personalised AI assistive teaching will be able to focus on a personā€™s strengths and encourage support where there are weaknesses.

Far better than a one size fits all approach to teaching we currently recognize as the normal way to learn.

Normal at present, but is it the best way? I think we will look back at the old classroom as barbaric in times to come.


Practically speaking, can we identify all the schools? Ai as guide rather than teacher and combined with life long learningā€¦ Enrollment forms to the office please. :slight_smile:


I agree that our current system for the most part will be viewed as barbaric in the near future.

My experience with school governance in New Zealand highlighted the challenges that students and teachers both face trying to conform to a system that is slow moving and political.

I think supplementing teaching with personalised AI assisted teaching would help tremendously, if only teachers could overcome the fear of being replaced.

I would like to see schooling evolve into something like Ready Player One (the book).


It does raise a very interesting point for sure that is becoming quite a point of contention.

just how can governance of our a socioeconomic systems keep up with the ever increasing rate of change?

This is one of the reasons I think learning how to learn and teaching how to think critically and laterally is so important.