What is the nature of the recursive digit?

Years ago I found myself obsessing over the particularly ‘magical’ and substantial qualities of the digit 9 (nine); in particular its recursive and folded quantification parameters. One method of helping me understand varying degrees of information and infinity was participating in the simplification of large series into their respective digital root.
(Take this random sequence for example
However taking into consideration the nature of 9
One can find the root though different means.
There are many different types of methods to employ for this simplication.
For example we can take 9 out of the set entirely.
The same root!
I continued digging and found that one could also combine any digits from the set and if any 2 equaled nines then, well…
24810 (1 and 8 can be redacted as they equal 9)
2+4+0=6 (root remains)
The pattern seems almost uncanny and cohesively expresses some kind of inert system within the base 10.

I imagine that some undertones resting in themes such as the gematria, advanced mathematics, or applicable sciences of the like would shed light upon this phenomenon.

I individually have dedicated some time to this theory and found many methods of utilizing the function for mostly elementary deductions, dissemination, or redaction processes.

There are some fairly friendly discourses on the matter skewed across the web however many present the Awe over than the function; I find.

I have also found extensive evidence that the digits use case lays beyond redaction or simplication.
Geometry as a whole seems to fold itself in some sense around the digits value. Time (or at the least our civil ordering of such). Really the number seems to be of extreme value to nature from my own perspective.
Would anyone care to shed light upon this?

Well, I definitely agree the esoteric study of numbers presents awe over function.

There is a provable cycle of 13, that permeates our existence and works in tandem with other cycles. The unique nature of the cycle of 13, is that it is primordial in the sense that sections and portions of other cycles that are highly visible and defined with multitudes of characteristics, while the cycle of 13 appears to be simply function. For instance today is 6. The associated function is “flow”.

8 and 9 respectively are considered male and female. The base being 1 and 0, earth and sky, manifests as 10 when 8 inseminates 9, and produces 10.
Thus the function assigned to 9 is “creative”, but 10 is manifestation.
360 is the circle and that is 9. In the shape of numbers it holds that circles are feminine and straight lines are masculine. Until we get to 8.
The issue is 7, where the function is revelation, or perpetual motion. It’s the middle of 13 and is that spot on the rollercoaster where the stomach stays as the cart takes the plunge downward.

My position in relationship to how we use this, by structuring our lives in a recurring 7 day work week, is that it has the effect of stoppage during orgasm.

It squelches and shortens our practices of planning and independence. It forces dependence on an archaic unnatural system that has an ulterior agenda, and produces confusion resulting in displacement or disorientation within a natural system. Thus, nobody knows what day it is in the natural scientific sense. Most people alive today, think it holds no intrinsic value or significance, but that is because they have not followed or explored the natural flow of time.

The purpose of keeping time, is different for accounting, then it is for being human and aware of our natural surroundings and reality. It is insane to use that system in our daily lives.

The 7 day week based on planets, makes no sense for anything other than to get people to pay 10% to the church every 7 days.

This topic is upon us, as machination replaces labor, and the human spirit searches for the bridge between science and the invisible.

The knowledge of function and the knowledge of the distinct characteristics of multiple interworking cycles, is the basis and foundation for the study of time, and how the human animal interacts accordingly. This knowledge was apprehended and misapplied as part of a military psychological operation. All students and keepers of it, either were killed or went underground until now. Vast amounts of history and knowledge were destroyed purposely as an act of confiscation of natural being. Control of human consciousness.

If people are in awe of numerology or synchronicity, wait until they get a load of natural time. Those who remain suspended in awe, will miss the opportunity to dwell in the natural and bask in the wonder of unfolding creation. 9

I’m not quite sure what I would suggest to replace the current system, but most certainly I would formulate it to be individualized, as it would simultaneously maximize the individual potential, and tune society like a piano.

People should be using two primary calendars, the 260 (8) day cycle and the 360 (9) year. The 365.25 is for accounting only. There is no such thing as a quarter day.

7 day week is insidious. We are not designed to be herds.

No person who studies time in an unbiased manner would suggest starting the year Jan 1. It was a selfish financial decision and a malevolent attack on human consciousness. I don’t say this with anger, but as a scientifically provable point. (Without using astronomy to any large degree). It can be known without it. Simply study product , location and time. this displays function as a sequential element of personal awareness.

By corrupting time, the primary tool for self awareness in our reality was absconded and this is known. The current system badly needs to be disturbed.

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Thank you for this reply. The tone and content you provided is very interesting and compelling. Inspires me to retain more of the archaic systems and metrics. I particularly enjoyed the structure of your discourse on the matter. Your suggestion on the individual system of timekeeping is adeptly proposed and I myself agree with this disposition thoroughly.
When mentioning the insidiously constructed 7 day system; i found myself wondering when such was implemented and under what jurisdictions however, and would love to hear your reception on that matter more thoroughly. I do not aim to suggest such implementation is not of malicious intent however my own personal ideals yield me to believe there may be room for altruistic purpose beyond financial pragmatism in their root. Thank you again for your contribution to this inquiry!
On a side note; regarding the position of such matters being held in secrecy so fervently, is this something one would consider to be necessary even in these evolving times? I have always been prone to consider suchlike implications are on a measure of value that discourse over disclosure and potential impact is in contrast to provided rights in setting. Do you agree with this or is my own deduction something akin to ignorance or helpless idealism? (I am of the later indigo generation, so bias tends to run rampant in our heads due to a variety of variables)

The Gregorian calendar was installed by papal edict to subdue and convert what are called pagans. (people who resisted conversion). In order to apply malicious intent, it would have to be determined if this was done while knowingly possessing the natural system, while simultaneously forcing people to adhere to “labor” oriented schedules. That is an easy yes.

Secondly, possessing and utilizing superior time keeping knowledge while destroying it anywhere it was found along with those who used it. That is also an easy yes.

Thirdly, as time passed, and the world became “evolved” , were any efforts to modify or reform calendars squashed by the same so called “authority”. that is also an easy yes. George Eastman ,(the father of photography who never graduated high school) had a coalition of business leaders across the globe signed onto calendar reform and was stopped by the church.

There is insufficient evidence that the US is out from under the yoke of Doctrine of Discovery. The papal bull Inter Caetera has been cited in USSC as recently as 2007. The church is free from financial disclosure, exists tax free, and is for a large part immune from prosecution for activities that normally are considered an end game for any entity.

Secrecy, is a separate issue, as the motivations depend on your location. Obviously the secrecy would be insidious if the motivation is “advantageous” to the protection of legitimacy.

Some cultures, put the information out there, but do not engage in any promotion or explanation. I would say the Japanese and Chinese fall into this category. There is no blame in this.
Others, simply have no recollection as the destruction was complete. Others have partial recovery, but keep to themselves due to a rational fear based in real time persecution. Yet others, have released their knowledge and promoted it in a subtle fashion in complete transparency. that would be the Maya.

The primary question is this. Is there an existing method of keeping time that adheres to all basic scientific methods of study, and is provable, trackable, and discoverable ? The answer is yes, and we had it around the world for thousands of years. It was taken and replaced with the labor calendar for the purpose of a military psychological operation. The stone circles found around the entire planet are evidence of knowledge of time and location.

Most cultures used a 360 day year, and the 260 day calendar with it’s 20 days and 13 numbers, is essential to this also, and these are used together to orientate oneself and events, in our reality.

The kicker, and what most do not know, is the entire old and new parts of the bible are constructed using this as the primary source for sequential thematic content. So, this displays knowledge and intent to conceal. And even further than that, for the purpose of self enrichment, protection of power, all while knowingly withholding valuable knowledge and using it on a regular basis. That might be a bit much to understand, and that gets to another reason it is not discussed.

Privately, some academics do study the stuff. “Three Identical Strangers” is a documentary that shows study under secrecy, the message is quite clear, that the results of the experiment will be sealed until 2066. That should raise an eyebrow or two. Or we could talk about why the synchronous events of Sandy Hook and Chenpeng school attacks were not further discussed.

back to the thread. What is the nature of the recursive digit ?

My answer is , pervasive throughout all known fields of study, including time. But any synchronous or recursive numbers in the financial calendar are well short of what is possible in natural time. That was and continues to be, sabotaged.

In light of how widespread the knowledge was, who outlawed it, and why, to suppose the intention was altruistic is quite a leap. I would say insidious intent is both obvious and actually kind. There is a strong case to be made, it is actually among the top crimes against humanity just below war. Imagine if physics was outlawed tomorrow and all books and materials burned, and the study forbidden and ridiculed. then advance that thought in time to 500 years in our future. Where would we be ?

The nature of the recursive digit, is the same as the recursive nature of time, and the functions and periodicity are also pervasive and predictable just as Mendeleevs elements were. He got that in a dream btw, not a lab. The components of time, have function , and location. How they mix and what they produce, is the same as basic chemistry.

Perceptions change with knowledge, and change is often uncomfortable. For many, it is intolerable, particularly where comfort is stable. If the village is hungry and one man is hiding food, he is safe until they find out. Thus, his motivation to keep his secret is rather primal.

Thus, the motivations of people are also recursive. Just like clockwork.