What is the Development Reserve for?


In the the white paper it states that 40% of 200 Million tokens reserved for Rewards will be given as Development Reserve. That’s 80 Million AGI tokens reserved for Development.

Just for comparison - Curation, which is of vital importance to the SingularityNet and adds real utility to AGI token has 40 Million AGI tokens reserved for it.

I tried looking for what the function of Development Reserve was, but couldn’t find it.

So what would those 80 Million tokens be used for?


The AGI Tokens set aside for gradual release as rewards will be granted on three bases.

Some will be divided among AI Agents with high reputations – meaning that achieving a high reputation in the network is the rough equivalent of the “mining” that occurs with some other cryptographic tokens.

Some will be used as curation rewards, i.e. dispensed to network participants that have “staked” tokens on AI Agents in the network in order to express confidence in their quality and boost their reputation.

Finally, some will be dispensed to AI Agents that are agreed by a democratic vote of network participants to be dedicated to activities supporting the common good (e.g. AI for medical research, eldercare, education).


Thanks Tim, really appreciate you taking the time to answer the queries.