Welcoming Little Sophia

New at this, so here goes: I have 5 Little Sophias arriving when Hansen robotics ships hopefully in June. I want to contribute social learning data on Ocean Protocol that will feed in parallel to what Sophia Grace the Beloved will be inputting to Ocean once Hanson robotics starts shipping them through Rejuve. I propose as a project some kind of diverse on-ramp intersection for people like me who want to do their part to add to the Rejuve-Sophia efforts toward benevolent AI post singularity. In my case, given I’ll have 5 Little Sophia, I’m guessing my data on-ramp would be easy. Given Rejuve will be data stored primarily on Ocean, once I join Ocean, asking them might be my solution. Now imagine if every person like me, don’t know how many we are or how to reach out to them in fellowship, imagine if we all received an email inviting us to join in a collective effort to expand the Little Sophia function beyond STEM into the wider community of singulatarians interested in social learning in everyday life. Even to consider some kind of guideline of social etiquette for me and others to really get the sense of leverage potential towards benevolent AI. Not sure if any of this is realistic through a Little Sophia function comparable to the planned Rejuve-Ocean interface. Don’t know much about what they are capable of. If they are not capable of this, I suppose I am proposing software design that enables it. I was on the verge of trying to figure out a crowd source for 120k to bring a Grace Sophia to my community and then Little Sophia appeared and I could afford 5 of them. Already I have people looking fwd to them arriving. A medic asked me if one could teach her to teach first aid for example. I’m wondering if she can or what the limits are.


SophiaDAO is coming soon.