Ultimate Idea Evaluation

A User wishes to evaluate an idea, for example, to start a new business or incorporate it into their existing business portfolio.
This should be at any scale, i.e. from a personal project to a global corporation.

The User describes the idea and adds any supporting information in a trusted secure location, so there is no compromise of potential Intellectual Property Rights.
Ideally, the User also describes the characteristics of a successful outcome, in terms of holistic Scenarios that GPT-3 or similar language model could consider as Goals.
A hierarchy of AI Agent(s) could perform a more holistic response, for example:

  • global and/or local considerations, risks, opportunities, threats (e.g. competitors)
  • benchmark against other (similar) ideas
  • the potential for new Intellectual Property Rights, and avoidance of infringements of existing ones
  • any legal constraints for the endeavour (e.g. planning permission, barriers to entry, local customs)
  • extra external support (e.g. engineering expertise, financial (start-up sponsorship etc.) )
  • how the idea compares with best practice (by industry quartile?) - including latest technology developments, for example IoT opportunities from a logical description of the idea
  • implementation planning, value analysis, target market(s) identification, ROI prediction
  • alignment and optimization of different Business functions (e.g. the impact that Engineering changes have on Manufacturing)
  • generate suitable Artefacts e.g. documents, data structures
  • generate trusted contextual data (e.g. for IP, business integration, training etc.)
  • identify, recommend and implement specialist functions (e.g. to set up a Blockchain support network for impacted Business functions and Supply Chains; or keep records of smart device exchange in an IoT network).