Trent Barnes

Trent Barnes

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Trent is a protagonist for actioning exceptional positive impact in the world through project work, advisory and community building. He is a Partner at ZeroCap, a blockchain VC firm that focuses on capital investments, advisory and innovative liquidity solutions in the blockchain and fintech space. He is a board member of the Blockchain Association of Australia with a mission to grow and enhance the Australian Blockchain community and to further enhance the ecosystem. He is an advisor and mentor to a number of companies, projects and executives in the blockchain, technology, fintech and social impact space. He also comes from a deep recruitment / search & selection background, where he implemented and advised on recruitment, job placement and people & culture strategies for corporates and startups.

It is hard to predict when the Singularity will occur, as we can only surmise based on the information we have exposed ourselves to, and what is publicly or readily available. Based on our current trajectory, I would say that the technological singularity will happen in our life time. It could be in the next 10 years. We tend to predict the future on models of what we know and what has happened in the past. Although with AI, in all its complexity and possibility, there is too much uncertainty to be able to truly predict correctly as well as predict if the outcome will be a good or bad one, as there are many minds, corporations, governments, and military at working independently on building AI with various motivations and incentives in mind.

What will be interesting and may prolong the singularity is the merging of technology and AI with human consciousness to try to stay ahead of the impending arrival of an artificial super intelligence for as long as possible. It is hard to say what the outcomes will be, as I think that humans have a poor track record of understanding the dangers of our inventions and technology, and only realise the impact and consequences in hindsight. To ensure that we make it a a positive outcome for humanity, I believe in the decentralisation of systems of power and control, so that we can put the technology and the decisions for the future in the hands of the many, as opposed to the few. There are no good or bad outcomes, except those that impact us at an individual and collective species level - so at an individual and species level, I’m keen to be a part of the solution for a better world with AI.

Simple answer is no, I do not plan on cashing out. I say this, as I am still holding tokens for other projects that I believe in. In terms of making gains and profits, I do that in my business and my own portfolio and primarily in BTC. In regards to projects I advise on and/or am deeply embedded with, I hold, I support, and I advocate for.

To answer your question on potential risk, cashing out after an increase could be seen to be a misaligned board and team with the true utility-driven community, and a potential of insider trading for profit. To mitigate this, the election process will need to ensure the right people are being elected, that have the best interests of SingularityNet and the community in mind, that are not there to speculate and profit. The executive team will have the wallet addresses of the advisors I would think, and will also be able to see any movements out as well.

Without knowing the inner thoughts and strategies of the team at current, I’d say that the #1 initiative would be proactively ensuring that the SingularityNet team have the tools, resources and support required to execute on their vision and goals. This includes, contributing to ensuring that the team continues to point true north in their vision; advocating and contributing to growing the user base and utility of the platform to increase engagement (for the utility, and not for the speculators, speculating on the price movement etc); contributing to the growth and and global reach, as well as partnerships; and contributing to the continued alignment of the community and the SingularityNet team.

I’ve been following SingularityNet since I met Simone and Ben last June. Being deeply fascinated by human consciousness, and disruptive and game changing emergent technology, I’ve been looking into the technological singularity dilemma and/or opportunity for the last 9 years, in particular in relation to AI, from a research and philosophical perspective. We hardly understand our origins and what makes us human, and yet collectively we race towards the creation of Frankenstein’s Monster, without having the necessary checks and balances in place to ensure that humanity continues and thrives. What drew me to SingularityNet was Simone and Ben and my discussions with them, and that it is decentralised, utilises blockchain to fulfil it’s vision and looks to ensure that AI and the outcomes are benevolent by human standards.

These are the pros and cons of an open free market - everyone has access and can flourish in it. The prevention of these sort of actions (large corp turning it into an oligopoly) is to participate, engage, collaborate and promote other good actors in the space. Blockchain is built off of game theory incentive models to encourage good behaviours, cooperation and collaboration over self-interest. Thus supporting and promoting other good actors, as well as building a community that encourages cooperation and collaboration in my mind is a good start!