The triple bottom line in tokeneconomics

Just been discussing# the engineering of tokeneconomics models (CADcad) to create markets by utilising the Man,Machine,Environment triple bottom line as a base utility token use case to create effective Safety management systems… I would like to develop the seed further in this community…

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What is Tokenomics? How does one get involved, if one has no capital to invest in Ethereum to begin with?

If you are a developer, join a community working in this area. Google token engineering

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I would, but presently my script is lying to me about where the error is in Ruby. Everything looks fine in the script, that’s the crazy part.

Were the developers that made Ruby smoking pot on the job?

I’m a generalist. Coding conventions are a nightmare. :blush:. What is your purpose? analysis of organic intelligence perhaps, based on your posts…

Currently building a more efficient intelligence at the moment.

Basically it’s reading an error on a line that’s not even in the script. Getting an error is fine, but it needs to give me the correct error. Not on a line that’s not present. Error on line 38. There are 28 lines.

My only guess is that I can’t call different training examples similar names, but that’s never thrown me an error before.

Returning an error msg from a sub routine maybe. Ask the relevant dev community. Is the software open source?

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Yea. Is there a team for Ruby here? I guess I could look.

Education might work.

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A personal definition…
The production and distribution of vouchers exchangeable for social, environmental and economic goods and services.
(See also: Tokenomics Engineering)

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On the no capital thing, Tokenomics is a lot about Market definitions of capital…

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