The Right to Disclosure when dealing with AI

When interacting with artificial intelligence or sophisticated machines that become increasingly more human-like, should you have the right to disclosure of this information? Learn more about how we think about this:


Interesting read, what’s the position in relation to Govbots? Local, state and federal. Is disclosure as important in non financial interaction?

I see countries becoming havens for unauthorized bots - like tax evasion nowadays. As users will not accept to deal with bots for many services due to the psychological disgust of trusting/accepting the opinion of a bot, the bots from these countries will not disclose their nature and rake in massive rewards until they are revealed. On SingularityNET these bots will also not be distinguishable as the country of an agent is not required/they can be anonymous.

Interesting idea and a problematic topic. I personally would not mind to deal with a bot instead of a human even if they don’t disclose it - the interaction might be fake, but interaction with other humans often are fake as well so the difference is there but in my opinion not necessarily a bad thing.

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@Justjoe think disclosure is always important :slight_smile:

That is a very interesting observation @w1kke. However, regarding your comment about bots on SingularityNET - none of them can be human :wink: at least… I think… :scream:

I could offer a classification services on SingularityNET and not let it be done by an algorithm but by mechanical turk or some other human employees - no one would ever know the difference.