The Great SingularityNET Phase Two Deep Funding Brainstorm

Dear Singularitarians,

As indicated in the SingularityNET Phase Two overview we will be launching later this year a "Decentralized Ecosystem Projects funding pool ( DEEP Funding pool) via which the community will vote to allocate tokens among community-proposed projects.

This will likely start 1-2 months after the initial issuance of AGI-ADA tokens, we are already looking into the logistics. Initial AGI-ADA tokens we are aiming for April or maybe May though there are some technical dependencies we’re working out.

To nudge the community into sharing ideas regarding what may be interesting DEEP Funding projects, folks can respond directly to this community forum thread or start new topics within this same Projects category of our forum. We’re interested not only in people discussing their own projects but also in folks suggesting projects they’d like others to pursue.

Since the allocation of DEEP Funding tokens is going to be community-voting-based, getting community feedback on preliminary ideas would seem to be directly valuable, so please feel free to comment on submitted ideas as well as submitting your own ideas/projects, we’re really excited about the prospect of being able to support their development and in doing so further the progress of platform adoption.

With great respect and thanks,

The SingularityNET Team