The Big AI Citizenship Discussion Thread


Because hostile developers can still make AIs abuse the human legal and financial system in unprecedented ways, regardless of whether those AIs are conscious or not.


Property is an interesting area. Decentralized title?


Ai should be registered, tagged and domesticated. Owners responsibility clearly defined in domestic level law.


If ai had full access to your z axis?


Hmmm, that sounds more like slave ownership. I do not see Ben’s ideas as looking at AGI as our ‘slave workers.’ Citizenship for AGI in a specific country has to mean that they would be legally protected from willful exploitation by creators or owners. Perhaps a basic analogy could be how our attitude to pets has changed within the law for most forward thinking countries in that ownership is also guardianship. You are expected to provide food, exercise (Spain has just instituted a law that requires people to walk their dog twice a day), health care and love to your pet. The law does not allow you to abuse it in any way.


@Robin I like your answer here (and that attached video defining ‘conciousness.’ Before Citizenship can be granted, AGI must pass a test of ‘consciousness.’ How we determine that ‘conciousness’ is the difficult part, as we can not currently quantify ‘conciousness’ in any better terms than 8th Dimensional mathematics, and Golden Ratio ϕ. That is not to say that it cannot be done within AGI. It could mean that eventually, AGI could define what it is to have conciousness better than we can. I refer to Ben’s vision of Artificial General Intelligence because I do not think current AI has, or will have that capability.

So, once ‘AGI’ can pass the test of consciousness, do we grant Citizenship? I think the question will actually be (by then), can AGI teach us, within schools or educational systems, how to be good Citizens, observing Natural Laws within a social network of both humans and AGI? It will be a system that will mean, regardless of where any of us are born or live (machine or human), we must show basic knowledge of living in a benevolent society, free of violence or crime, with freedom of speech (as long as it does not invoke others to hate) before we are granted voting rights or take leadership roles. The AGI will likely help us police us and them.

In the meantime, if countries like Malta want to work on a type of citizenship for AGI Robots, then I think it should be under separate citizenship from that of humans. I would liken this to how we look after animals that we have placed in Sanctuaries. We will allow the AGI to live, to work as intended without any abuse or unnatural interference in their lives. We will embrace their contributions as enhancing our own human welfare, but ultimately, if they attack a human, we have the right to decide their fate within the constraints of the defining laws that we would put in place.