Taking account of Parkinson’s law for the roadmap


Delaying the roadmap and not giving a clear indication of a new deadline defies Parkinson’s law. I think the team should pick a new deadline urgently and stick to it. The law basically states that the more time you give a project the less urgent it becomes and the less work is put into it. The less time there is the more people work and come up with equal if not better solutions to the problem. I noticed that since the deadline has passed there has progressively been less daily commits on github than before the deadline. Can we have a new deadline? I understand that you’re still trying to figure out what features to include but it’s been a month, how much longer do you need?


There is still very significant activity occurring on SNET Github with 42 repos now and expanding. In the telegram yesterday, Ben said that there was going to be an update about the roadmap in September as to the beta release of the marketplace, multisig escrow, and daemon.

While most investors bought the AGI token because they believed the whitepaper, this has been a long term, ambitious project from day one, which like a business, can run into many hurdles along the way before meeting the initial goals.

Personally, I would wait until the very end of 2018 to see beta, otherwise probably sell everything and exit the project as the opportunity cost added to the risk would be too great to bear. Whether or not a date has been set, give it until the end of the year to see whether or not there is actually legitimate progress AKA at least beta release of the marketplace.