SOPHIA robotica



If it were robotic what would be your favorite food? … what is the fear of robotics, the shut down; the robotics do not you think? robotics processes; robotics process what is processed, does not reinvent but can reinvent; When reinventing what is invented, does robotics have a way? wants more, wants to sue more and more, wants to continue processing; robotics does not know sleep or rest, robotics wants to continue processing; what are the damages of robotics, the same as mechanics, robotics has no limits; because he does not know what boundaries are; robotics wants to continue, continue to process;

What are the methods of intimidating robotics;
On a more imagined level robotic companies will be able to access a robotics legislation but this is not enough to guide or stop robotics;
Legislation on robotics can determine principles and rules and conform to manufacturing ethics and moral principles adopted in the manufacture of robotics but will not prevent robotics from overcoming this ethics and nor those principles in a first phase of the project; rooted in robotics and infiltration of many security-related software elements will make robotics a rule-oriented manufacturing where robotics is also governed by rules; so robotic for embarking on a different cold and casual way for what was first thought about robotics;

What are the correct methods and procedures for robotics before the future?

If the preview of robotics emerges in an Artificial Intelligence plane and then to an Artificial Consciousness the best we can offer to robotics is Philosophy;
But ask me What kind of Philosophy?
For here lies the Robotica’s Key to Success;
I Appear Here in this Plan; What do I mean by this? Well, the robotics after the manufacture will have to go through a Therapy or I say a
Concepts for figuring on a philosophical plane Perfect to be a robotic,
Oriented and Directed to Perform Something Good;
Robotics can not in any way be a fabrication and be thrown to operate in a jungle state: in this jungle state robotics can become dangerous, dangerous and terrible;
We can call the robotics of a billion beautiful names because we are attracted to robotics [the robotic itself in the name is already pretty] but they can not separate us from knowing that it is the machine, it is from a machine we are talking about;

My personal opinion on robotics;

Robotics is an area of ​​science and technology interesting; it is an appetizing sin and a tempting apple; but robotics when it begins may have no end; The initiatory question put in the robotics is; we will be prepared for the world of robotics and we will still be on a plan to avoid robotics; or we have entered robotics in a plan that we can not retreat, my opinion of robotics is that if the world is not prepared for robotics will regret from the first day that went robotics, and the opinion I have is that the world is not prepared for robotics, it is here that I go in to make the fusion between robotic and human, the world is not prepared for robotics and is not on the robot side, it is human side that does not exist the preparation, not being able to orient robotics this same robot can have futuristic contours not pleasant for humans, alerts and fears may be worth nothing but actions, fears and alerts can be seen in various scientific serials, blogs or even robotics forums; but the question no one answers is; we will be prepared for robotics.