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Sometimes Shalom is all you need! Would be on more, but working on a brain more efficient than a human’s based on the Tesla Vortex. Turns out, it’s more efficient to seperate basic explicit functions and machine learning functions into seperate brain halves so they don’t conflict.

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Fitting body3, mind6 and spirit9 into one bifurcated brain sounds challenging… any insights?

Or is it mind3, body6 and spirit9? A third brain region and a sixth sense. Perhaps.

I have no idea. Spirituality isn’t my area. (Long story.)

Ok, that leaves the cerabellum3, and intuition6. 3+6=9… Meh, ramblings… :blush:

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I’m finding it hard to find good information (as suppose to just click bait videos) online about learning higher level machine learning like TensorFlow, Deep Learning, and stuff like that.

It’s not even super clear what Deep Learning even means.O_o (What I do is nest different simpler machine learning algorithms into something that is more complex.)

Data Science Central on Twitter or the tutorials that ibby and the team produced here… ask Tim for the latest…

. I am a generalist. Have you navigated the GitHub environment ok?

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I need to look for it. So far I’ve found OpenCog. Host some of my own gits there too.

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The foundation being sensors, external data, and instrumentation, will not produce deep learning unless capable of detecting, translating and logging, the 6th sense. The place where ideas come from. Instinctual behaviors could perhaps be mimicked , but actual instinct relies on inter-species connectivity and awareness of motivations within those communications.
Intuition and Inspiration have sources outside that. We already have sensors for that, and even more than that, an entire system of the mapping and predictable timelines according to shape and theme. The oldest science.
Instinct is more elusive as it appears to ebb and flow with the current environment and the constant changes. 100 monkey syndrome is a good example. An entire species can instinctively be driven to do a thing, but resistance from a few can prevent implementation. Whereas, Intuition and Inspiration happen regardless and can be tracked using basic data.
Thus as Tesla demonstrates, the Inspiration of an individual can lead to species wide adoption of a new instinct. Birds on a wire.
Just my opinion , or instinct, but I see the singularity coming as a package deal, with unified field theory and sensors capable of detecting Inspiration source according to periodicity, theme and shape.
In some ways, mathematics and numbers constrain an effort, or even affect it negatively. Depending on the application.

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You can have 12 Monkeys, and they can cause an entire causality paradox. – Referencing 12 monkeys, the movie.

Also when I think Shalom, my mind immediately goes to the UFO cult I survived, although they used the word Salome.

I think the ‘unified’ in Unified field theory is an emergent property (in an engineering/developmental context). A full stack commons that balances the triple bottom line…

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I agree it will be unexpected. There are critical parts and pieces relating to the “whole” that are not studied for various reasons. Politics and religion probably occupy the barrier more than most. But also too, certain segments of academia have conducted studies that are not public. For them, the emergence may come as a relief , as the politic of going public would be rigorous.
The rule of three’s… All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.
First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.
In one system, 3 is communication, 6 is flow, and 9 is the highest feminine, which is the process of sharing and flowing toward the creative ideal. The primary motivation of all life.

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3, 6, and 9 is useful in a lot of different areas in building AI: such as using a more efficient way of using data fed into a machine learning algorithm, based on fewer data points.

Ex. 1, 2, 4, 8, 7, and 5 would be used for basic non machine learning functions. Things we might need to function in an automatic capacity without a whole lot of thinking involved. Ex. Breathing, blinking, self-protection mechanisms.

But 3, 6, and 9 are the thresholds to determine whether to use a decision tree, a classifier function, or a gabbler.

(Although my “deliberate gabbler”, where it only gabbles about a limited specified range, may soon make the gabbler bit irrelevant.)

But its something I’ve been thinking about, as one of the basic things everyone knows, even if they’re not a neurological major, is how the brain has two halves.

I think we owe quite a bit to Nicola Tesla.


The 3x3 matrix has a Universal application. More nuanced than 2x2 and allows for phase transition. Hegel’s synthesis between thesis and antithesis.

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Ah! A point of departure. Firstly tho’, I agree, ignored and laughted at… indeed. Adversarial legal process is a great example of the 3 stages to success. :blush:
Ummm. Maybe it’s a South of the equator thing, but I had 9 pegged as masculine and 6 as feminine… meh, :princess::baby:…am I missing something?

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Nah, it’s just one system, and I’m not sure of a consensus on the meaning of numbers. The one I listed is Quiche Maya, though there does seem to be consensus that 8 is highest male. The trecena system is observable and pervasive in nature. The flow of events , shapes and ideas have discernible authority on 8 , but in the context of the system, 8 works to protect and nurture 9.
Perhaps the most interesting thing regarding this topic for me, is observing our changing views of gender based thought processes simultaneously with the advance of technology. My personal opinion based on the observations are, that every human has percentages of each , and the influences that determine gender based behaviors are numerous, but certainly, one of the influences is date of birth. David Bowie Jan 8, and Marilyn Manson Jan 5, both during the time of feminine, which directly follows masculine Dec 21 to 31. That is the system of 36 decans, which is globally recognized and thoroughly presented.
The genders work together. In the 20 day system, day 3 is the one that most unifies this in human beings. Day 6 is integration of unresolved issues and ancestry, or history, pretty genderless, and day 9 is decidedly feminine, and is expression in water, voice and verb. It is a cleaning day, purifying the air, and lands on Cerium in the periodic table. Which is used for catalytic converters and self cleaning ovens.
There is no question the 20 days of the Maya correlate precisely with the first 20 I-Ching hexagrams. In that, hexagram # 3 is the imagery of the plant reaching up through the soil. New growth and the struggle that goes with it. The telluric forces or the telluric current. The day is more harmonic and organizational than the rest,.and it lands on Tellurium in the periodic table.
The I-Ching is decidedly a male voice with a mastery of minimalism, while the Maya interpretations and observations are much more inclusive and colorful.
Day 8 is the thunder and lightening and electricity. Tesla’s day of birth. It blew my mind when I first saw it, as the ancient descriptor even says, “energy from waterfalls”.

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Yes, the hexagrams, tarot, any book or bit of data could be a meditation aid/ quantum tunnel…
Good luck with your campaign for Platform governance sir…
I cannot vote personally.
Shalom David,
(I have a book to finish😊)