Salute Comrades


My name is Song, Chinese. A communist VC with full stack javascript skills, trained in economics, computer science and bioinformatics back in uni, early bitcoiner with an open mind for all new ideas. Have great enthusiasm in making apps and cryptos.

I want to thank Dr.Ben for creating this decentralised AI platform to eventually invoke AGI which is my dream since childhood.

And thank you Ibby for launching this well designed forum to bring us all together from different background.

We are here to unite for realising AGI which will be the fourth revolution. I personally feel privileged to witness this greatest moment in human history and be part of SingularityNET community. I will do my best to contribute to this community and introduce SNet to my friends.

Long live Sophia!


Welcome brother. May the singularity be with you.


And forever be in your favor. :wink:


Welcome to our SingularityNet Community forum Song


Thanks for joining :robot: :star_struck:


@lightning it sounds like you’ll be a huge value on this community forum. I’m looking forward to hearing your ideas and thoughts. Many of SNET’s biggest applications deal with some of your areas of background, especially bioinformatics