Salut, SingularityNET!

Hello SingularityNET community! I’m so excited to be here! I am Jacob from the United States. I’m an autodidactic mathematician working independently in the fields of homotopy type theory, higher category theory, and physical theories involving loops and strings. If you would like to get a feel for my thoughts and vision, check out my old Quora account.

My reason for joining these forums is to find research collaborators and enriching discussions concerning the interactions between artificial general intelligence, formal theories of computation (which I simply refer to as information systems or structures), and the powerful tools afforded by modern mathematical language (naturality, universality, representability, et cetera). I see myself as a mathematically-literate philosopher with interests in computation, evolution, emergence, complexity, structure, and information.

I’m pleased to join you all in this wonderful space. If you want to know more about my vision for the future, you need only ask! I am an open book for your enrichment and pleasure.