Question about agi token


I was wondering if there is going to be a change over with the token, similar to what tron is doing? Will I eventually need some other kind of wallet to hold my tokens or will they be safe in an etherium wallet?


It’s a good question. I’m sure there will be an announcement regarding this if/when it comes down to a blockchain swap (or maybe an sNet blockchain). We’ll see what other’s have to say.


If there was ever going to be a swap with the token, you would encounter one of the following situations:

  1. We build a new blockchain :arrow_right: you get instructions from us how to set up a wallet the safe way and how our wallet works.
  2. We use a different blockchain than ethereum :arrow_right: you get instructions from us how to set up a wallet the safe way and how that specific blockchain’s wallet works.
  3. We stay on Ethereum (highly unlikely) :arrow_right: token swap and you get to use the ethereum wallet still.

It is highly likely that at some point we will do a token swap. The question when there is ever going to be a change over with the token is a question that cannot be answered right now. This question cannot yet be answered because the requirements for an AI-to-AI economy on a blockchain are not completely clear. This requires, amongst others, running simulations of AI-to-AI communication as tests to figure out where the unanswered questions are and how to solve these challenges. We will be on Ethereum for at least the coming year for sure. Perhaps in 2019 some clarity can be given if it would be an existing blockchain or a new blockchain we’d go for.

The thing is though - we need a blockchain for something that has never been created before. So choosing the right blockchain is not an easy choice. Before you can even make a choice for the right blockchain, you first need to test everything you need to know.

What is the safest way to store AGI tokens?

Not to mention the speed at which decentralised networks are developing.

It may turn out that the correct solution isn’t even a thing yet, but will be in time.

It’s always best to look before you leap! :slight_smile:


Measure twice, cut once.