Quantum Computers & Cryptography Risk

What measures are being taken to protect crypos from the imminent rise of quantum computers? It’s forecast that bitcoin’s current level of security may be at risk from quantum computers in as little as 10 years so this seems to be a pretty serious problem no one is talking about.


I think quantum encryption could be a good solution to this problem as it is impossible by nature to read out informations when two quantums are entangled. If you mean the computational part that eventually can find the key by bruteforce then I suppose this has to be made so that the encryption has to exceed the possibilitys the best quantum computers can compute in a reasonable time space. This is about the same method encryption is made since.

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I can say that yes, in reality a quantum computer is a direct threat to the bitcoin, namely its security, but what about that? we can say the following: firstly, now the whole world, after experiencing a new economic crisis with consequences that it is difficult to imagine, will switch to digital monetary units, the crypto currency. old debts like the old world will be almost forgotten, but not before the end, remember 2002-2005, the development of button phones, now they are not something perfect in the world and they were replaced by smartphones, but they are still applied and will be applied, so is the old economic system.
Quantum computer … yes it is developing, but with what powers are we already talking, with 50 qubits or more than 1000 qubits? As we know on January 23, the first 2000th qubit quantum computer was sold by D-Wave Systems (D-Wave Systems продали свой первый 2000-кубитный квантовый компьютер / Habr). What does it mean? that 2 ^ 300 degrees - is more than the number of atoms in the visible part of the universe, and sell computers with 2 ^ 2000 degrees. In my opinion, at any given time, bitcoin can easily be hacked if such a desire appears)))I want to say that Bitcoin will not be allowed to disappear or that he is “hacked” because this is digital gold, and nobody will allow gold to destroy gold, because neither EOS, GRAM, nor GOOGLE tokens will become digital gold, like iron, copper or bronze , but also silver - not as interesting as gold.