Q: RFAI procedures and project ideas

So, looking at https://rfai.singularitynet.io/ I have the following questions:

  • Other than “9 InComplete” RFAI’s there are zero RFAI’s. Why is this so? Does it mean that no people have made RFAI’s (beyond the InComplete ones)? Any guesses to why?
  • What, actually, do the “InComplete” ones mean? It appears they were made but they were not “picked up” by any developers… and many seem to have reached some kind of expiry date when they’re no longer valid RFAIs. Is this a correct interpretation? Why did they expire? Who set the date?
  • The average “tokens awarded” set for the InComplete RFAIs range from 1.500-200.000 ($850-$114.000 in todays worth). Does this mean the one making the RFAI and those backing the proposal are willing to pay this to any developer who implements it?
    …With those “prices levels” are only corporations expected to make RFAIs?
    …Who decides if the specs are fulfilled? / Quality check?
  • Are the people making the RFAI rewarded in any way other than “getting access to the product”?
  • I have ideas for what I believe would be very desirable AI’s but I can’t pay anyone such sums… so is there no point in laying out my ideas?
    …if there is still a point, how would I go about it?

Thank you!