Python3 print function not working


I was making a Mad Lib game to get myself more fluent with python and inputs but i had a problem which i could not find at all but the run had an error and it wasn’t working some i am here to ask. (Sorry if this isn’t the right platform to ask.)Python%20not%20working1

and since i am a new user i cant post multple phots so here is what the run error told me. Plz help.

File “C:/Users/LolNotGonnaHappen/PycharmProjects/Beginners/MadLib(2).py”, line 18
print("to the " + adjective + " park, we saw a " + adjective2 + noun)
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

Process finished with exit code 1


You forgot to close the ) in the first print statement. After:
print(“Yesterday, " + person1 + " and i went to the park. On our way”) <-- this ) is missing

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