Proof of concept chess bot tutorial for new developers

Chess algorithmns are freely available. Someone familiar with the SingularityNet API setup might be able to set up a simple chessbot website quite easily, and accompany it with a tutorial about how it was done. It might be an ideal ‘Hello World’ example to have out there on the web.

Having such a website up and running could serve as a proof of concept to developers unfamiliar with SingularityNet to show that it works. They could play a few games against the bot and then proceed to look into how it works under the hood on the same site. Having such a site up and running might make SingularityNet more accessible to new developers. It would give us an example to point them to showing how SingularityNet services can be integrated into a website.

There would have to be some AGI available to pay for the ai powering the chessbot. There should be mechanisms in place to prevent excessive draining of this account.