Profits from Singularity Studio to be shared with AGI token holders


I propose that profits made from Singularity Studio should be shared with AGI token holders say 20% of profits or revenue paid out to AGI token holders in AGI. We have funded platform development and building the core team and for us not to get any of the profits seems lame. I’m sure the founders of the company can agree that we should also get some sort of reward for buying and holding AGI especially for the long term holders, sort of like a dividend payment. This will drastically increase demand for the token as there will be multiple ways of earning AGI on top of staking.


Hi, could the profit of all be used to create, or develop a singular solution to all AI in progress?

Isn’t possible to demonstrate to all that an AI could present a new solution for an old problem?

If the base became an exemple, than all could demonstrate a solution.


Hi Ali you practically are suggesting to make an utility token in to an asset token with diffrent regulations. This can only lead to problematics that even your self don’t really wish to see happening.

What they can do and will do is using the revenue of the SingularityNet Studion for speeding up development on the SinguarityNet platform. The obvious advantages will be as follow.

1.)More AI are build benefiting the AGI economic

2.)Platform development to a more complex economic system. Also benefiting the AGI economic

3.)Increasing usecase and acceptance in the automation industry, increasing the chances of widespread adoption. Also benefiting the AGI economic

4.)Securing the long term operation of SingularityNet and allowing the team to hire new talented developers and staff. Also benefiting the AGI economic.

5.)Increasing funding for eventual project incubation. The meaning is to increase possible services by simplyfying the adoption process overall and allowing promising service offerings from small and midsize companies to build them on the SingularityNet Network. Benefiting the AGI economic.

I could keep on counting the benefits at hands. I think we shuld allow them to take the best direction possible for SingularityNet’s success with the hard competition in this market.

I have the feeling some of us seem to forget that SingularityNet is a non profit organization and as a such they have to and will take the best way possible to make SingularityNet a standardized and accepted competitor over the whole world. If this become a success then you most probably will be pleased of the results for you and SingularityNet.