Platform Development


I would like to suggest a demerger of the project into two streams. Ai and blockchain. Functionality this could be achieved through a horizontal slice of platform development scope. The timing is good…


Hi Joe,

In fact we did split the Roadmap into three distinct areas so that it would be easier for the community to follow the different elements of the project.

You can view our progress here: -


Your suggestion is already a reality, which we report on via the updated road map.


OK, thanks Tim. My mistake.


You’re Welcome :slight_smile:


OK, I’m suggesting you split the project map in the wrong places… It may not align with other project maps like organization charts…


. Blockchain is the platform foundation and ai the infrastructure.?


Maybe English isnt your first language, so its understandable that you may not already know, but foundation and infrastructure are the same thing

So you either are confused as to the English meaning of the words you are using, or you are complicating things for the sake of complication. But fear not, Tim already answered your question above.

Yes, ai is the infrastructure and blockchain is the foundation, and blockchain is the infrastructure and ai is the foundation. You are right on the money!


Thank you my friend. Both you and Tim seem to have missed a key word in my original post… “Horizontal”. A foundation for infrastructure… The terms are used in an engineering context. Yes my local dialect is " strine" a derivative of English… :wink:


I have had a chat to Ben and the imbalance is due to modularization of non core ( but very important) parts of the project that are not captured in roadmap progress reports. Thank you