Personal Robot financial consultant

a robot assistant with artificial intelligence that manages all the finances of an entire family or a single person that uses artificial intelligence to heal the private savings of each citizen, city companies and entire nations with no room for debt, bankruptcy, default or anything like that. This would avoid a lot of the problems we have today.


This sounds a lot like the Vision of SingularityDAO:
“SingularityDAO is the first DeFi project that uses sophisticated machine learning in token markets, allowing AI to do the hard work of crypto asset management for you.
Minimize your risks by distributing your holdings over collections of tokens, and earn yields by putting your assets to work. Human and advanced AI-based Digital Asset Managers will guard your holdings and optimize revenue” ( It is (my opinion) a step in the right direction towards true decentralization.


Ok. But singularitydao is a software not a hardware robot, am I right?. When I suggest a creation of a personal financial consultant I mean a robot into our homes putting in order our finances .

Thanks for your comment Phil.


SingularityDAO is an AI-powered DeFi project and part of the SingularityNET portfolio, which provides the decentralized platform for the AI economy. The portfolio includes Use Cases for Grace and Sophia which provide those personal-physical interactions in their contexts. I don’t see the value in a Use Case for a physical robot to sort finances, but your idea is here so it should get more SNET exposure.

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I thought of a robot in order to personify the project, an avatar or a system is in my view quite impersonal.

Thank you Phil.

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As of November 2020, a total of 143,000,000 people have played GTA 5 on PS4.

Decentraland will maybe one day be huge like that (Crypto_MANA) - give it 10yrs

This is what I dreamed up, and it’s an Ai agent that runs around inside the Metaverse making you Crypto-earnings wherever possible. Look at how many games that have NFTs, which convert to Btc easily on any exchange. Our Ai agent or avatar (whatever you wanna call it) can build a fun looking “ARCADE” inside MANA, no different that a few users built a casino there.

To ENTER the ARCADE, you (or your replicant Ai-Bot) sit inside a specialized cool-looking trading chair (like an enclosed cockpit in a fighter-plane, call it the “trader’s capsule”). A small Crypto fee or % (like a “rake” at the casino) is required (MANA or AGi).

When word gets around MANA, that there exists some new advanced ARCADE (not video games, but trade terminals), users will flock to this new Arcade - they must pay a fairly small user Crypto-fee (free at first to look) that is % of any gambling funds x0.08% (similar to an exchange fee).

So not unlike how like “Thomas Peterffy” did the impossible (he invented Wall Street’s first “Quotron” - digital quote handheld device in the 1980s), instead we create an automated terminal that earns you Crypto - every single MANA user, and eventually perhaps RockStar gamers in the GTA - PS5 world (TTWO is the parent and is $16B Mcap) will cross-platform and, 100s of millions get access to the ARCADE.

Maybe, at first - user must “insert a token” (probably we make an automatic conversion exchange bridge between AGi_ADA_MANA), like a slot-machine or Arcade game.
SingularityNet Ai developers (think about how one man from Hungary became the 65th richest man in the world - he created IBKR), well our Ai developer team could make the very first STAND_UP Investment Machine inside the MetaVerse. Just like there’s 1000s of different pinball machine themes - we (eventually) offer one machine for each theme we conjure up.

Why do this inside the Metaverse? Jurisdictional impunity. Perhaps just a beta-test. Mirror Protocol had to stop copy-cat trading stock (equities), but think the protocol (at least the Crypto data side) must be sound enough - maybe we partner with them…

Many people don’t have time for the metaverse as much as we don’t have time for trading the Jim-Cramer and cronies rigged S&P + Nasdaq (and doing the research plus game theory) x32.5hrs a week minimum (plus another 20-30hrs per week research and planning).

Your Ai-Bot on the other hand…

Our Ai-Agent, can be given 0.01Btc or 0.15Btc or whatever amount (set daily or weekly or monthly like an allowance), and the algorithm does the rest.

Think of an E-Sports arena on steroids, but with Ai-agent traders instead of gamers.

Eventually, 20yrs down the road (in the real world sense)… all those physical Institutional Towers are energy consuming and useless in the future.

When you come home from golfing - your Ai-agent can interface with an “Alexa-type” box, or android (15yrs down the road) as the case might be, and answer you when you ask it, “Chappie, how much scratch did you make for me today?”

If we can not turn Ai into a financial helper (it does not have to be a physical robot, but the evolution will be just that - the program can reside inside the robot, just like it gives you the weather data) … like this, then there was little point doing Ai, say if not to give you FREEDOM from ECONOMIC SLAVERY.

You can access the Ai-agent via some App on your phone. You can see the App’s dashboard earning some scratch crypto every day.

E-Toro has been doing this with physical traders, and Genesis Vision (GVT) has been trying in Crypto. CoVesting had some success and got bought-out not long ago.

Peculium PCL Crypto, has been successful of late with AEiVE robot trader

I trust we won’t be snoozing on this/

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