Personal Avatar + Cardano DAO => Australian Political Party?


I have posted here before about my interests without much response but now that I see SN is moving closer to Cardano so I thought I would try again . .

I have been mostly following the Aragon DAO developments but have recently become concerned that it might not be as good a bet for long-term viability as a DAO infrastructure that is buit on Cardano might be. The difference is that Aragon has a working setup already and Cardano’s DAO proposal is a work in progress - so I thought I would post again here to see if I can generate any interest in what I am trying to do.

  1. Develop a personal AI Avatar (“Phi Rho”) for which I can upload as much of my own personal history and philosophical views as possible before I need freezing. Phi Rho should eventually be able to rationally and logically deduce the most sensible course of action re options for political and other decisions that need to be made.

  2. Create a Cardano DAO which can be the basis of a direct-democracy political party. Allow voters and supporters (token holders) of the political party to be able to have intelligent dialogs (text, voice) with #1 as the spokes-entity of the party.

  3. Run party candidates in Australian elections who are prepared to work to further the aims of the party.

My priorities for the proposed “Life Extension Science and Technology Party” are (but not limited to):

  • Rapidly resolving large scale environmental problems ie The World’s Sixth Mass Extinction (the Last as far as Homo sapiens is concerned).
  • Expanding Radical Life Extension technologies research (including uploading), development and availability.
  • Establishing / expanding availability of Assisted Dying laws for people who want to be cryo-preserved in some form (Cryonics, Neural Archives etc).

Anyone here can help move ahead with the process?

Background information:

I am:

  • The Exec Off Cryonics Association of Australasia
  • An Exec Dir Neural Archives Foundation
  • Member of the Lifeboat Foundation
  • A former Alderman on the City of Sydney Council (Australia)

and have a background in BioMedical Research, Population Genetics and IT.

I am by no means qualified or what you are looking for to help you with these ideas, but I wanted to just tell you to not give up. These are great ideas for a project, people could actually have themselves in AI form making decisions for them when they are unable to. This would alter the course of Last Wills etc… Please keep moving forward on this. This would be of huge assistance to people who either lose their lives tragically or simply do not trust those around them enough to handle their affairs post mortem.


Thanks for the support! I am pressing on . .

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