OpenCog and SingularityNet


Hi all,

Assuming that Beta will be released in July; Will all project currently on OpenCog, be integrated with the new Beta version?

I also wonder, why this integration is not something more people are talking about, instead of “When Binance” “When moon.” This will be a major reason for the first step towards success for SingularityNet - IF it happens?


The beta of SingularityNET as a platform is different from the release of services built using OpenCog. There will be a lot of incentive to get these services available as soon as possible when the beta is ready, but from my understanding OpenCog development will continue in parallel and be deployed to SingularityNET after the beta is launched.

We’ll probably ensure that all the services that currently exist on the alpha get ported to the beta, and we’ll keep adding to that list.


Hi Joel,

Thank you very much for your reply, I know you are busy changing the world. :blush: