New Proof of Reputation Application and Usage


Im sure this has already been discussed but i have never read any material on this idea.

We could build a product which uses a proof of reputation application which plugs into all dapps and Blockchains and provide them a security, consensus and intelligence layer which was not possible until our P.O.R has been developed.
The same way companies use the ERC20 ethereum smart contracts today is the same way they could use our product as a reputation consensus and intelligence layer for many different applications which will have unforseen usecases.

If we build the network to scale in this way and allow blockchain and dapp developers to create the use cases in a fluid way this would solidify SNETs market share.

The AGI token would run this dapp in the back ground for the reputation services but users would never need to see their native coin exchange to agi in the application background.
SNET shouldnt need to charge fees as the funding for this would be the increased $ inflation from the usage.

Please let me know if this is being thought about.


Hi Mat, POR has been discussed a lot here:

In fact, we are working on making reputation system for SingularityNET marketplace and testing the prototype implementation for the purpose.
You are welcome to take a stub and develop a blockchain consensus on its base - I will be happy to help.


On the uses cases beyond the POR and marketplace, we have some trial runs of the prototype system on Steemit and Ethereum with some promising results which I can share privately (at this point), if interested.