Never send a manager to do a Robots job

Hello, My name is Rex Gatling,
Me like most college graduates have had to work jobs we didn’t like just to pay back student loans and survive.
Besides seeking employment I am building currently an artificial intelligence system designed for individuals to create and profit from their own custom Artificial intelligence to run the businesses they want without the need of experience or education.
Currently I have a design and bot designed to handle a few of the day to day tasks of a private equity firm. I am seeking some help with refining what I have and collaborate to reach the ultimate goal of the project which is to create new jobs with artificial intelligence besides take away jobs.


I like your idea and I see SingularityNET as a toolbelt that can save a lot of time, especially for self-employed programmers. For example you can skip the whole marketing and sales part by offering your service on the SingularityNET marketplace.
If you want to talk further there is a developer channel on Telegram with a lot of helpful SingularityNET developers to talk to: Telegram: Contact @AGIDevelopers

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Hi Rex,

like your project idea a lot and it‘s almost exactly those kind of projects we do for our existing clients in the FSI space. So as we are working in the same industry and around the same mindset, maybe it‘s worthwhile to have a google meet session after Easter.

You also can find me on LinkedIn or touch base directly at

Best regards

Sure let’s set up a time this week to chat. I’m free Tuesday morning or afternoon.