Just staked my AGI

It was a bit of a doozy trying to learn how to stake my tokens but I’m in the pool! I love being able to support this team in any way possible!

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Yo, I did as well!!!

Hi , May I know the steps followed to stake the token, as when i am trying to perform Submit Stake, it shows me ‘Submitting Stake’ message and Confirm button on window with message ‘‘Allow Staking.singularitynet.io to spend your AGI?’’ is not enabled, hence staking is not getting through. I am facing this issue from last 3 days. And when I try to withdraw my tokens since it is not getting staked it shows message ’ You cannot withdraw more than staked amount.’
Any help on this will be much Appriciated.


Had the same problem. Wouldn’t let me click on “allow” wtf

This video helped me a lot.

I faced the same error where the metamask would not allow me to allow the transaction process. In order to bypass this issue, I needed to make sure that my ledger wallet was connected through metamask and had confirmed all transaction contracts. You have to be a little quick while agreeing to these transactions via the ledger (and with other wallets I presume as well).

Hope this helps!

I just staked AGI for June.
Nice interface.

But I think we need a more competitive reward.

Calculating the current staking rewards for June
Based on the limited staking reward pool of 100,000AGI and unlimited stakers with a total pool of 75,660,581 in this 3rd round so far:
100,000/75,660,581 = 0.00132 which is only 0.13 %

So if you stake $1000 you will receive $1.31 to lock up $1000 for 30 days.
Gas really eats into such a small reward.

Please correct me if my calculations are incorrect.

I think we need to up the reward pool or limit the stakers to be more competitive with other staking coins.

Here is a list of staking rewards for other coins: