I'm Bryan---Aspiring Android | SingularityNET Enthusiast | Avocado Aficionado


Hi everyone! I’m Bryan—a Singularitarian, life extension proponent (think Aubrey de Grey’s SENS research foundation), and healthspan hacker (CRON-O-Meter is one of my best friends). I have vegan tendencies, tempered by occasional carnal desires.

I enjoy reading, writing, and arithmetic. I can speak 60+ languages at an intermediate to advanced level when I have a smartphone. I prefer walking to motor carriage.

I practice radical minimalism; everything I own (fewer than 30 items) fits in a small backpack. I don’t like things that break and I want for nothing material.



Hey Bryan! Welcome to the forum :smiley: So happy to have you here :sunglasses:.

You should suggest the project here… you never know… maybe someone would do it haha :wink:. I think you would especially enjoy the Scientific Futurism & The Singularity category. Looking forward to reading your posts! Enjoy!


Thanks for the suggestion, Ibby! I might just do that, eventually. Good seeing you here, as well. :sunglasses:

I’d also like for someone to spice up computer chess a bit by pairing the already solid AI chess computers with a particularly snarky, trash talking AI – in the manner of Washington Square Park’s legendary chess hustler, Cornbread. Call it Cornbread.

But, it would be important for the trash talk to not be canned, if at all possible, but dynamically created, original verbal “contributions.” Probably at least need toddler-level AI for this. Come to think of it, toddlers can be pretty good at speaking their minds without much concern for the feelings of others, so, yes, toddler-level AI would be a perfect place to start.

I think this could reinvigorate the genre, putting the checkers back into chess. (not that it was ever in it, but it sounded good)


Oh man… just reading that post I know this forum is going to be epic.


Hanson Robotics could do Cornbread a solid by modeling a robot based on his very unique style of play and appearance. Lots of YouTube videos available of him working his magic, so there’s plenty of training data, just as Sophia was trained on watching movies, etc.

That’s probably not the direction Hanson Robotics is wanting to take, but a superhuman Cornbread chess-playing, trash-talking robot would steal the show.

I can’t wait until we are at the point when everyone can afford to have some form of an truly intelligent robot in their homes.