I love you $AGI but you are bringing me down. • r/SingularityNet


interesting submission it’s time for change! hopefully the team listen to this constructive criticism




I hear the criticism and I can say that w.r.t. every point mentioned it is being tackled at the moment :blush:.


Patience, my friend! Patience! Early days. Google just rolled out a demo of Google Duplex, something that has been in development for years! And they are not even marketing it yet—just showed a very cool demo of the upcoming tech.

We are not there yet with SingularityNET. It sort of takes more than 6 months to start up a company, hire devs, work out the details, and develop a global superintelligence! A global superintelligence! Let that sink in. This is not just your average crypto project we’re talking about here. You can’t compare it to others in every way you mentioned. Some, yes, but I think they are on point with their strategy.

I’ve had a few knee-jerk concerns in the past regarding this project, but that’s all they were, garden variety knee-jerks. We would all like to live in an ideal world where every detail is handled in the way that everyone would like, but that’s simply not possible. I trust in Dr. Ben and so far, he has not disappointed. He is a force of nature: Just look at the impact he’s had in the past 20 years, helping to popularize the field of AI much like his friend Ray Kurzweil.

Patience. We all need a little more of that. Look how amazed everyone was (rightly so) by Google’s Duplex demo the other day and just take that in for a moment and imagine the jaws dropping when an emergent global superintelligence starts, well, emerging!


I don’t mean to cause any drama or anything, it’s just what a lot of people in the community are thinking. There is no doubt that AGI will be the the most valuable technology ever created.

I understand that the team wants to use their money effectively for the maximum return and I do not question that. I think people just want to know what the marketing plan going forward is and to know that the team is actively working on one.


I think its easy for people to get bored or to lose the initial excitement during this time of development.

Honestly, I think that with the Beta just around the courner the community will undergo a great expansion period over the next 18 months.

There will always be community churn, this is just the nature of how communities evolve. We lose some, we gain some.

Of course we would all love it if we didn’t lose anyone, and it is all of our responsibilities to try and understand and help people when they have a doubtfull moment, or have a false idea of the direction that needs to be addressed.

All in all its incredible that the coherence of our community has remained as stable as it has, and I think that’s a testament to the strong vision and comitment we all have to reach for a common goal.

We should all pat each other on the back for doing all we can to sustain our standing and secure our growth! :slight_smile:

GO Team SNet!!


Absolutely! Thank you for bringing it to our attention.

Communication is key in all things, there is no good or bad data, it’s just information that we can use to aid us in moving forward.



I’ll be transparent on my thinking here: The general intelligence is an interesting topic, but it’s a TERRIBLE product pitch. I think the techniques and technologies being developed for SNet are fantastic, but it’s just too far in the future and too collaborative a goal to make it the first goal to be mentioned. It’s like nuclear fusion power generation. I think a nearer term goal needs setting, with a date, with a plan. Mission statements and the like are often corporate wank, but well thoughts out, SMART goals are great to aim for. Maybe they have them, but no-one else knows them. Roadmaps are great, but setting a marker and saying “1st Jan 2019, this is what it will look like” is required, even if that feels frightening.


What we need is real world use cases and applications.

My view is we need to engage directly with businesses and discuss where there are opportunities for us to engage.


Not sure if this was seen or not, it may not be stretched out far much as you are looking for


HTTP wasn’t built overnight as the protocol for the world wide web of servers to intercommunicate, and AGI will also take time to build as the protocol for the world wide intercommunication of AI under the blockchain.
SingularityNET is an eventuality, not a possibility.