How to immigrate Community members faster in to the Forum

Just a few thoughts here, maybe there are some tools floating around where there can be some more advanced bot integration into this forum and telegram combined. Think simply a search engine around conversation. I wouldn’t know where to start but this seems like a problem that should be attempted to be solved with an AI solution since this is an AGI forum :thinking:

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@Tim @Bryan I think you are both on the right track. I think a single information dump would be information over load and a miss use of a data set of information that has already been created by the community. At the same time pure organic growth is a bit like re inventing a wheel that has been started. A slow role out of that information might be the way to go into this forum 1. To keep people fed with a stream of information and content 2. It can be used a bit like a marketing tool back into the community’s both forum and chats. Food for thought

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Telegram is a chaos but better accessible via phone. And people are there to follow multiple projects / conversations (and in real time). So just those really interested in SNET would come here on a regular basis.


Banned from telegram… Again.

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Thanks Aderson… Due to the two prior warnings for breaches, I have decided to migrate to our Forum.

When do we start setting up our crowd sourced AGI layer? Blockchain time…

Hi Joe,

Can you expand upon what you mean here please?

Thank you.

I have sent an email via our website seeking some strategic feedback on the blockchain aspects of the project… I am seeking some more secure means of making a contribution. (I got a fake Aderson DM on telegram as well)

Yes we are dealing with this person or people who are to quote from another source ‘impersonating an officer’… :wink:

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@Tim I think the Telegram groups allow for live chat that is missing here on the forum. It doesn’t matter to me, because I don’t have technical input, nor am I particularly knowledgeable, so any response to my imput is not particularly critical. However there are people on Telegram, who might be looking for an immediate answer, especially as so many people are from different time zones.

I like the forum, as longer debates are posted, butTelegram is useful especially for news, Ben’s presentations, media reports and techy questions and answers. I have not got notifications activated, but for someone really waiting on a piece of information, Telegram is faster.

I’ll get off my podium now.


Hi colettebytes,

Thank you for this suggestion and your contributions to the forum, we are super happy to have such thoughtful members!!

In truth we never really expected to migrate over people from the forum, I think migration was the wrong word to use as it suggests a move away from Telegram and that isn’t the case. Of course, we want our valued telegram members to experience the forum, but we don’t want them to move away from our telegram groups either :slight_smile:

We have considered a chat section within the forum itself in the past and it may be something we implement in the future. Typically the flow of conversations within a forum environment tends to be quite in-depth, where discussions can be enjoyed time and time again due to the more persistent nature of the posts over that of chat.

Short posts are ok if they contain additional information that is added to the overall flow of the thread, so a reply with a simple I agree or something along those lines is not best suited to the forum enviroment.

If you do agree with a post, then usually adding the reason why for example is enough even if that in itself is only a couple of lines.

Also because of the way in which people watch their own threads for replies, it can be tempting to bump a thread up the trending list by posting in the thread and those that are subscribed to the thread all get a notification, if then the post that was added to the thread and triggered the bump was irrelevant or devoid of content then it damages the success of the thread but has wider implications to the quality of the overall forum.

What we want to do is promote quality of content, interesting ideas that people want to engage with and follow.

I am steadily adding more and more content both regarding SingularityNET directly through #agichat but also through adding threads about subjects that interest me like this thread

Also, images speak a thousand words and learning how to format here also draws people towards your ideas.


I hope this finds you well :slight_smile:

All the best,


Post Ibby’s Christmas guessing game on To help integrate Telegram Twitter etc.'s and create more action in a more expansive setting.

For me, telegram is the site office/smoko shed, our forum is the project office, .io is head office… In a decentralized sort of way. :slight_smile:


hi im N8,

Im new to the community and would like to get involved. Im learning Python in hopes that i come contribute.
I absolutely LOVE Sofia, and im convinced the AGI platform will be successful.
Any ideas on how i can become more useful faster?!

thanks/kind regards,


Pick a specific area of interest and try to get an in community group started. Make recommendations by consensus. Seek external advice… participate in project governance. Be heard! Tim knows the process… :slight_smile:

The reason I haven’t switched is because of things I’ve heard about telegram security.

Then again I roll my own cryptography, but the caveat is I don’t intend it for a security purpose, but rather a “Machine Learning” purpose, teaching an AI on how to break simple ciphers.

Or I may be confusing Telegram with something else, I’ll check in a bit. ( Right now I’m creating a variation of decision trees, called “Willow Planting”, with the algorithm spreading out in a weeping willow fashion. )

Edit: Checked, and I have it, so no problem. What I was worried is how hard it might be to keep logging in.

One reason I may use the forums more: the singularity removal bot seems to be largely removing things on a whim. If there was a better way to scout for talent for AI developers I’m all ears. But I’m not terribly pleased with a bot assuming I’m distributing viruses simply because I’m a new user.

Especially when it’s open source content.

Have some kind of clear or consistent policy with things, or I might as well develop software for myself.

And a written policy, draconian rules doesn’t help anyone.

Maybe the forums can have more specific forum titles too. That sure would eliminate a crap load of confusion. Otherwise I might as well develop stuff on my own, or use discord that has sections that are far more specific. OpenCog even has a community specifically for development, so this place is simply redundant.

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Try singularity net on LinkedIn…