How to Create a Wallet


Metamask is a browser extension to interact with blockchain enabled websites like our marketplace.

Install Metamask now from their website.

Step 2. Create an Identity

On first start up, metamask should ask you to create an identity which will be used for blockchain transactions and storing tokens.

This is a good opportunity to watch the video on their website or otherwise read how to use the extension.

Step 3. What are the different networks?

The “Main Ethereum Network” or “mainnet” is where all the real value transactions occur. The other networks are for testing, and the tokens on those are essentially value-less and are only useful testing code and software.

SingularityNet started life on Kovan, but this network will be deprecated shortly in favour of Ropsten for testing.

Our major releases will be on the main network. Starting with the Beta in Feb/Mar 2019.

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