How many people are working on SingularityNET?


How many people are working with SingularityNET to make this project become a reality?


There are currently 47 SingularityNET team members active on this forum, so at least that many are currently active (as of 05/16/2018) in bringing this vision of a decentralized AIaaS marketplace—and, eventually, a benevolent AGI—into reality. Exciting times!


Hi Bryan, thank you for your answer. Do you have a source where I can see that? That would be useful for new joiners in this community.


Here’s a link to the current SingularityNET team members that are active on this forum:


There are also some very interesting high profile people that can be found on LinkedIn



That’s right! This is our current team page, and there are even more people coming on the page soon :smiley:.


It’s great to see the team, finally! Look forward to get to know more. So many bright people working on this project. :+1:


Counted all the team members and there’s 62 in total at the moment! Amazing news and extremely exciting!


Even more actually! We’re missing a couple of pictures.