How do I apply AI to my business?

Hello everyone, my name is Nicholas. I own and run a translation services company and I am looking for suggestions on how I can use AI in my business, maybe in big data management or chatbots. Any ideas or suggestions pls contact me thanks !

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Hey Nicholas,

I looked at your business and you look like you want more than community driven advice but advice from the SingularityNET Foundation itself.

They launched a new spinoff to work with companies to develop products, the announcement is here:

So I think you should contact them directly via and they can give you more detailed information about products that they want to develop and that match your company.

If you are interested in talking to the community and brainstorm about ideas I can share some things:

  • I think machine based translation for your major business case is not good enough, as I understand you do translation for forms and official texts and in these cases there are a lot of very specific formulation standards. These will not be available in machine based translation.
  • If you want to start training your own translation software, you probably have a large database of text pairs (original + translation). This is something that you can leverage either for a chatbot (there are plenty of softwares out there already) that you could improve with your data or you could refine an existing translation software using your data.

I hope this helps your cause.

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