How do I access the new DApp?


I read this but the Alpha still looks the same

  1. We have additionally redesigned our DApp for the SingularityNET marketplace. It supports the beta architecture, service ratings, search and browsing by tags, and provides a much nicer user experience.


The current DApp on is just a frond-end, meaning it is just html, css and js files together that show a specific look. There is no functionality coded into the app itself, it interacts with the underlying code/blockchain.

The redesigning of the infrastructure is under the hood and can be tracked with all the commits via our many github repositories but especially the CLI and Daemon. I know you have asked about this multiple times on telegram, and again I am pointing you to our Github.

So when we talk about redesigning the infrastructure, we are talking about new code and new features in the protocol, not a new button or something front-end related. The biggest new addition here is the Multi-Party Escrow and the Payment Channels.

Hope that clears it up!