How can we streamline the legislative process to keep up with the pace of technological change in society?


Maybe governments will want to utilize A.I. services. For example, auto-populating all the electronic forms governments think they need from a fingerprint.


I don’t think governments will impact the flow of progress that much.
I think it will mainly be driven by corporations and scaling machine intelligence.

We currently have AI in place, they are called “companies” and now they just use humans as part of itself


Governments are quite big investors in AI technologies though. This may be useful:


“A good use of the keyboard can trigger a great change of mentality.”


Privatization- market representation.


Self regulation to what standards?


I think that it should be adapted in each case, we can’t think that the system it will be universal, that is impossible.
One world multiple diversity, but 3 purposes RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY AND RECIPROCITY.


The system has a triple bottom line… Man, machine and environment. Respect, responsibility and reciprocity…


Yes, because both should initially coexist, if we present only AI as a final solution for a problem, people will reject.
Only because people are not ready for a big change, and the politics with decision power and bad intentions, will refuse this change.
As I told before, we need to give an positive example to gain confidence of society.