Hi SingularityNET Community


Hi there,

My name is Maria, and I am a data science PhD student passionate about decentralized healthcare. Looking forward to the unprecedented research SingularityNET teams are working on!


Hi Maria and welcome :slight_smile:

What better way to explore the advantages of decentralisation than in the sharing and colaboration of medical science.

I think you will find many like minded individuals here, we all are working in one way or another toward a day of abundance and a time of the true demise of disease and the road toward radically extended lives.

You are in great company here.

If you have not yet spotted it, this post should be right up your street :slight_smile:



Hi Maria! Welcome :smiley: Did you have a chance to check out the link @Tim posted?

Curious to learn what your current research project is about :blush:


Hi Ibby,

Fascinating research on AI-guided regenerative medicine, I think that evolutionary algorithms may prove useful in this case! If there is anything I can contribute to, I’ll be more than excited to do so. I have done some research in hospital readmissions, and sentiment analysis reviews. I plan to complete my dissertation in the healthcare domain, although I haven’t yet settled on a specific topic.