Hi, I'm Ryan, part of the SNET Marketing Team


I’m happy to make the first Introduction! I’m Ryan and I’m on the SingularityNET Staff :grin:

I am the Content Lead for our network. I help design our community outreach strategies as well as build content such as blog posts, videos, graphics, and more. You can say my main job is to translate and publicize everything our internal team is doing so that our community can have full transparency and discover ways to get involved.

Reach out if you have any questions or suggestions :sunglasses:


Hi Ryan :smile:! Thank you for introducing yourself. You always do a great job on content and I cannot wait to see more content this year as it will be more exciting than ever :star_struck:.

To everyone that (for some reason) missed the blog posts, @Ryan does an amazing job managing our corporate blog and our AI Research Lab Blog. The latter was just launched and it is definitely worth adding it to your medium follow list if you haven’t already. Together with our AI researchers and developers (led by @cassio), Ryan will curate the latest research from our team and deliver it right to your inbox. In addition… if you fancy a chat about the content, you can discuss it extensively here on the forum :smile:!