Hi, I'm Pezzy


Hello everyone !
I’m among those who believe AGI would bring economy of abundance. Excited to be here to make new friends who would possibly create new future :blush:


Hi Pezzy! Welcome to the forum, it is great to have you here :blush:. I think you will definitely like the Decentralized Economy category to discuss and exchange thoughts on how this should be organized. Contribute to the creation of the future by leading the thought! Enjoy :smiley:.


@ibby For some reason I missed to provide eth address info while registering. How can I re-enter the info (and why is that needed)?


In the desktop version of the forum, there is a tab in the settings menu where you can re-enter it. I don’t know whether it’s possible to do it in the mobile version (I haven’t found it). As for why, I think a bounty portal was mentioned somewhere. :slight_smile:


Hi Pezzy, when you go to your profile (top right) --> click on your name --> go to preferences --> profile --> ethereum address + confirm you agree with the privacy policy etc again. Then click save at the bottom :D. It is for potential future airdrops or bounties (decision is not final, but likely to be hosted via the forum :wink:).


Great ! Can’t wait more :wink: