Hi I'm Patrick | Energy and Environmental Project Developer



I’m am pleased to participate in the SingularityNET Community.

I have over 25 years experience in the development of energy efficiency, conservation, and renewable energy projects for homeowners, businesses, and local governments. I am currently focusing my efforts on helping Cryptocurrency Miners to reduce their electricity and fuel operating expense to increase their internal rate of return. My company helps owners offset the expensive cost of fossil fuels by installing cost-effective renewable energy and storage systems.

I suspect that AGI robots and technology solutions are highly energy intensive. I hope to assist the understanding of the technical and financial performance requirements of sustainable energy solutions needed to assist the AGI global commercialization effort.


Hi Patrick! Welcome to the forum :smiley:! Expertise like yours is very welcome. I am wondering - did you get to the idea of energy saving for AI via the crypto world or did you have this idea before working with miners?

I think you may want to share some of your thoughts and expertise here in Go-to-Market Applications or perhaps share the project you are currently working on in Share your Project if you would like to keep the community up to date with the developments in energy efficiency in AI/AGI technology.

I hope you will enjoy the forum!


Hi ibby!

Regarding energy savings for Ai. I’ve spent a majority of my career as a Senior Energy Professional developing energy and environmental projects that create energy savings and positive cash flow for property owners. Here is a local government project: https://www.grover.org/ArchiveCenter/ViewFile/Item/111

In retrofit applications, I design projects for residential, commercial, and industrial property owners, where the implementation of energy conservation measures (e.g. LED lighting, high efficiency technology, renewables, and energy storage) will create positive cash flow and long-term efficiency.

Residential Solar Example:

The owner’s post-project electricity expense (plus any finance charges if a loan or lease is used to pay for the solar system and installation) will be less than the pre-project electricity expense.

Pre-project monthly electricity expense: $300
Post-project month electricity expense: $20
Finance Charge: $100

Monthly Positive Cash Flow: $300 - ($20+$100) = $180

The same principle applies to large commercial and industrial energy users, and I suspect Ai applications. And so, I’d like to understand more about Ai energy intensities from the manufacturing of robots to consumer applications.

And thank you! Yes, I would like to contribute to the forums that you mentioned with relevant subject matter. I’ll give it some thought.


Hi :slight_smile:

I work for an energy engineering business here in the UK.

We help medium to large manufacturers reduce their energy consumption through engineering means.

Projects such as heat recovery, compressed air improvements, combined heat and power etc.

We identify the projects, invest the capex and implement, entirely remunerated from the savings reached.


Hi Tim!

Nice! All good measures. I especially like cogeneration.

And yes, projects that create positive cash flow are the best option for owners to modernize their facilities while reducing operating expense.