Hi, I'm Alex - community member and supporter

Hi there, I am a SQL Server/Oracle DBA and BI Developer. I speak russian, ennglish, spanish and a little bit of german. Recently I started learning Python and tensorflow because I am interested in AI.

Very impressed with this project, wish you all huge success!!


Hi TinyInt, good to see you here :slightly_smiling_face: Not sure that I knew that you know Russian, I know it too, is it your native language? It’s also interesting about SQL and Oracle, I love databases, have tested the big banking system based on Oracle database. Python is also cool, have some experience with it too.

Hey, how you doing Rustam! Actually I was born in Simferopol, Ukraine so I speak it very fluently. But I live in Costa Rica since I was 6 years old so I am not used to writing it, mostly reading it.

I’m fine, thanks, very glad that the forum has been launched, I’ve been there for a few days already and it’s cool that now you guys will also be here :slightly_smiling_face: So new interesting moment about you and Ukraine, I have lived there for 10 years)

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Actually my mother and a lot of my relatives have been born in Ukraine also) And do you know Ukrainian itself?) Maybe not the case if you have left the country being so young.

Hi @TinyInt! Welcome :smiley: So happy to have you here too. So cool that you started learning Python recently. Feel free to create a study project in Share your Project! Maybe you will find some fellow students that will study with you or you can do assignments together.

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Nice, thank you Ibby.