Hi! I am Ibby - Developer Marketing Associate at SingularityNET

Hi everyone!

My name is Ibby Benali and I am the Developer Marketing Associate at SingularityNET. I assist my team in the execution of business strategies as well as analyzing, measuring, and reporting on our efforts within the organization. Furthermore, I am also frequently engaged with the community as some of you might know. Gathering a community can be done in various ways, such as Telegram and Twitter amongst others. These platforms allow for some nice interaction and chatting, however, sometimes very interesting ideas were discussed or proposed and then pushed into the deepest parts of the chat history… if only they were documented on a platform, we could have enjoyed them for longer!

That is why we created the forum. On this forum, we hope to bring people together as we saw a need for a platform to share, discuss and document ideas. Together we can realize the shared goal of decentralizing artificial intelligence in order to democratize the technology and to make it accessible and affordable for all. SingularityNET hopes to create a community of people that are dedicated to creating benevolent AI, and ensuring that AI is used for beneficial purposes.

Furthermore, we hope to give the community that shares our goals a place to learn, contribute and collaborate. This can be done in various ways. By connecting unique individuals, we are creating an ecosystem of diverse thoughts which we believe will have a positive impact on reaching our communal goals.

You can always DM me or tag me (@ibby) if you would like to ask me something or bring something to my attention. I hope you will enjoy the forum as much as I will :slight_smile:!


Ibby Benali


Ibby is the absolute BEST with our community, and has already been contributing such amazing things! We’re so luck to have you, Ibby!


Welcome onboard Ibby :stuck_out_tongue:

  • is it true what they say about you? Is there a way for you to proof that you are not AI?

I am not sure @Arif… I would have to ask @bengoertzel :thinking:.


it’s like asking a brain if it’s in control…of course it thinks it does! If anyone would know if Ibby was an AI, she’d be the last one to know :face_with_raised_eyebrow: