Hi from Anton Kolonin and Aigents!


Hi all! I have received my first education as a programmer in the mathematical class of the Novosibirsk Academgorodok in Russia, later I was graduated cum laude from the Leningrad Mining Institute. By the end of the institute, I have prepared for publication several science papers in the field of computational geophysics. After the institute, I have independently developed a software-algorithmic complex for processing geophysical data, introduced into production in many CIS countries. This work served as the basis for my Ph.D. thesis, defended in 1998.
Over the past 25 years, I have participated as a leader or lead architect in many projects to develop algorithms and software, including those related to the use of AI, including the recognition of static text, moving objects, music, extracting information from texts and identifying events on financial markets - in Russian and US companies. Since 2014, I lead his own project Aigents, as the founder and technical director. I also have 15+ research papers published on the project topic. Since 2017, I am also engaged as software architect for AI and blockchain in the SingularityNET project, leading work on Unsupervised Language Learning and Reputation System.


Hi Anton! Welcome to the forum :blush:. It is great to have someone with such extensive experience as you in our team. The AI & Blockchain category would probably be your favorite here :wink:. Perhaps it would be nice to repost some of your previous research if possible in that category as I believe many people will likely find this very interesting to read and to learn from you! If you want, you can also share the project you are currently working on in the Share your Project category. Looking forward to seeing more of you here!