Hi aspiring machine learning engineer here


Hi, my name is Ribhu and I’m studying Machine Learning at the University of California, San Diego. I am really interested in the development of singularityNET as I feel it can help the world with some previously unsolvable problems.

I am fairly a beginner in the crypto development world, and after looking at the sample d-App I was looking into developing on the network. What would be some good resources for learning d-App development specifically for this platform?



Hi there Ribhu,

Great of you to join us! As the platform matures, you won’t need to know any Dapp development to interact on SingularityNET. You’ll just need your model. That’s it!

Developing on blockchains can be fun, by it is a paradigm shift. If you want to know more I can see if I can find some material, but diving deep on AI would also be great. Lots of like minds here on this forum.