Help Staking AGI

Hello all

I have recently got into the AGI project and really like the idea behind it. I am now trying to stake my AGI tokens using the metamask wallet. I loaded up the wallet with about 50$ eth to pay gas price. When I try to stake my AGI the metamask tells me a fee of 15$ will be payed so I hit accept and try to stake AGI. After one minute or two the metamask tells me the transaction is declined and I need to pay 100 in gas price. This has happened twice resulting in a loss of 30… Any help or answers would be appreciated.

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Oh well… I am very annoyed that my AGI tokens which I wanted to put in the stake pool can’t be staked due to the ridiculously expensive gas fee… it is whopping $250-400 worth ETH. When is it moving on to Cardano???

Hi, welcome to the community! Please check out our Staking FAQ

There is also an instructional video here:

Please note that any stakes put in now will NOT be included for in regards to the upcoming airdrop. We appreciate the support of the community with desire to stake, but we are also aware of the ridiculous gas fees which is why we are gearing up for the Cardano migration and steering toward liquidity pools until then.

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Do we have an approximate timeframe for when staking will become available on cardano?