Help! me get started!

Hello SingulartyNET community. Im Nate, and I am here to learn! I want to be involved in whats happening here and in the world of AI in general. But where to start? Do I learn to code? What language? What books? The changes we are going to see in the next 10 years I think are going to be mind blowing. And I do not just want to watch them happen. I want to be part of it, in any way I can, no matter how minuscule. So lets talk about it!!??

The brain-machine interface musky musk started requires c++ or verilog, so that’s a language for something. I change my mind, it’s for everything: flying cars over flying birds under superman nevertheless. I don’t know anything AI either as you couldn’t have told. Let’s Neuralink up! It’s musky business.