Hello to all humans and robots in this community!

Hello, I am Konstantin Timofeev. Nice to meet all of you here, and I hope one day I will have a chance to chat with you face to face!

I have vast experience working as a researcher, mathematician, data miner, lead software engineer, large projects manager and product manager. I am also a PhD.

I was always interested in AI/ML, so now I am excited that I’ve got a chance to join SingularityNet community and drive the development of artificial intelligence forward.

For the time being I will focus on the OpenCog development. Hopefully I will get acquainted with other products and initiatives of SingularityNet in future too.


Hi Konstantin,

Fantastic to be able to interface with those actively working on the building AGI.

It’s my hope to be able to help bridge gap between the services available on SingularityNET and the first customers to take advantage of them.

This portal will be invaluable to helping me do that by being able to communicate ideas and opportunities with people such as yourself.

Can you tell me what area of AI/ml are you most interested in and what market sectors do you think we will find most traction based upon current completed services?

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Welcome to the Grp…

Tim, Alex, thanks for welcoming!

@Tim, I think we will be able to speak one language, as I was a product manager before. I also really want to see the usage of SingularityNet by commercial customers. This is the key to success for all of us, and this is the best motivator for developers.

Comparing to some seasoned professionals here, I cannot say that I am a mature expert in AI/ML. However, before joining SingularitNet it was my hobby to learn various stuff on this subject. When these activities were paid, the typical applications were:

  • events prediction models (CART, Neural Networks, Regression, PCA, clustering etc.);
  • identification of disorder in time series data (various EM algorithms, SSA).
    Additionally I played around with OpenCV a little bit. At the moment I plan to work on OpenCog/AGI development.

Before answering your question regarding the market sectors, I think we need to identify the customers which we will focus on. You mentioned that we already have some completed services - I did not find anything about this. I will appreciate, if you share more details with me.

Presently, as I understood, SingularityNet is envisioned as a kind of M2M or partly B2B service, which should enable customers to create their own commercial services. There is a similarity to AWS/Azure/Google cloud based AI services in this regards. If all this is true, we might need to learn from stories of the customers of these service providers.
The USP of SingularityNet should be interoperability of its components and large ecosystem of agents. The later is a typical chicken-and-eggs problem, and I suppose that the present strategy to support creation of the first agents is right.
As for interoperability, I have an example. I worked with AWS and Azure. They have service implementing NLP algorithms to work with voice, however they do not have features to understand emotions, which is essential for medical services or CRMs. This might be one gap.
One more example. There are publicly available services, which processes frames and identify objects there. However these services are deaf and memory-less. Imagine we can provide a service, which can tell, is a person on another end of video conversation is currently lying. This might be an immediate success, especially in financial compliance domain.
Well, as you see, it might be a long talk. So Tim, once again, I would appreciate if you share your present understanding of the product with me.


Hi Konstantin,

Thank you for your detailed reply. Concerning SingularityNET, I am not able to say who or what services are currently being worked on or are completed, if any.

I think this information is not available yet, and I am as excited as you to find out.

I think we can infer from at least the announced partnerships that iot including robotics, medical and data security are areas of development.

I have been putting a great deal of thought into use cases that would help identify potential customers.

I like the idea of analysing who currently uses cloud based AI services and using this information to target verticals.

We will need to work alongside potencial customers, to find out their requirements and then hand build the interconnectivity between agents to deliver their needs.

Given the emerging market for AI, it’s going to be up to us to educate businesses to the real world applications of AI and in outsourcing computation.

Welcome Konstantin! It is so great to see you here. I am very curious to follow your developments :blush:. If you want, you can share the project you are currently working on in #projects and keep us up to date. Would be awesome to read how it all progresses and develops through time!

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