Hello SingularityNet Community

Hi, my name is Seti. I am from NJ, but now live in Phoenix. I am very interested in AGI and joined the community to learn how I can participate in its development.


Welcome Seti! It’s great to have you here.

Do you have any particular areas of interest in AGI?

Hi. Thanks for reaching out. I am interested in the development of AGI at the human and super-intelligent levels. In particular, the achievement of this goal under the “benevolent intelligence” model proposed by Ben Goertzel, as apposed to the development taking place as a result of corporate, government or military interests. Given that my background is rooted in business and not computer science I am following the community to find out how I can best contribute to make the SingularityNet/OpenCog system succeed.

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Welcome, to whom do I owe the pleasure?