Hello, I'm the guy who never forget


I’m Eleufsky, ralvori or Raúl Vielba for friends!
For years I have thought that blockchain and AI will be synonyms in the future, so i’m very excited to put all my savings here and start working in a chinese restaurant to put more and more money haha (I have now 24714 AGI’s and I’m a pro hodler!)
I hope all the humankind see in the 20’s the truly power of AI and we’ll conquer Mars too!


Welcome aboard, Eleufsky! Making wontons to buy more AGI, now that’s quite the believer we have here :wink: I concede I did a similar thing: I kept a job here in Canada (instead of flying back to my small Caribbean island)… just so I could invest more in this project.

Enjoy the new forum, our new community home! :wink: