Hello Future

Hello Future,

My name is Patrik, I am from the Czech Republic and I manage a small crypto Hedge Fund.

Why I love SingularityNET?

We have only one chance to develop AI. If we want to succeed in this milestone of humanity, it must be fully transparent and there must be connected the smartest brains in the world.

For me, this project is like Uber for AI developers. I love that everyone can join this project without asking permission of anybody. There is no discrimination of who you are and where are you from. It is just about knowledge and skills.

From now, you will not have to apply for Google, Apple or Facebook to actually develop AI. You can be in the middle of the forest and you only need internet.

Let’s make the future bright together in this awesome project.



Well written my friend :wink:
#neighbor #Slovakia

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Hi Patrik! Welcome to the forum :sparkles:.

I fully agree with you…

Developing safe AI can only be done in transparency and in openness. We are welcoming everybody to join us to shape the future together. I hope you will enjoy the forum and share your thoughts on how you see it with us in for example the futurism & singularity category or perhaps in decentralized AI economy. :blush: